Oxnard Is In Full Bloom This Spring Season!

OXNARD, CA — With the abundant amount of rainfall that fell on southern California this year, Oxnard is reaping the benefits with stunning wildflowers blooming on the offshore Channel Islands as well as along hiking trails surrounding the coastal town of Oxnard, located along the Central Coast of California.

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Channel Islands National Park — Oxnard is just 12 miles offshore from the first island in the Channel Islands National Park chain, Anacapa Island. There, visitors can see a full bloom of the brightly colored coreopsis scattered throughout the majestic island. On Santa Barbara Island, biologists have discovered a new flowering plant, not previously known to have existed there before. The small and delicate white mallow or Eremalche exilis, is believed to have bloomed due to the prolific rainfall. The Channel Islands themselves are green and lush with vegetation with opportunities for visitors to also see seabirds, western gulls and California brown pelicans, as they set up their nests and prepare for spring!

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Point Mugu State Park — Not far from Oxnard, is Point Mugu State Park, a great spot to hike and see the beautiful wildflowers. On the west end of the Santa Monicas, hikers can access La Jolla Canyon from the Pacific Coast Highway and take in the scenic Chocolate lilies, poppies, lupines and Blue dicks, currently in bloom.

Conejo Valley — Just at the base of the Conejo Valley grade sits Camarillo Grove Park, boasting a nature center and two miles of recently opened trails. It’s a prime spot to see sprouting flowers, giant coreopsis in addition to Indian paintbrush, orange bush monkey flowers, California fuchsia and a variety of cacti and succulents. Miles of wildflower viewing can also be found along the Conejo Canyons, part of the Conejo Open Space Conservancy. Besides Blue dicks, the canyon is also lined with Goldfield, morning glories, poppies, wishbone, owl’s clover, lupine, shooting stars and peonies.

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Simi Valley — In nearby Simi Valley, the Chumash Trail becomes a paradise in the spring with sightings of the mariposa lily with white Catalina and butterfly, pink Plummer’s and yellow varieties. The Mount McCoy Trail also provides an opportunity to see blue skullcaps, field mustard, chocolate lilies, coast goldfield and even the white flowering fritillary.

According to officials, the wildflower season should run through June. Visitors can stay in Oxnard and take advantage of the many other offerings the city has to offer, including its coastal climate, wide open beaches, and attractions.

About Oxnard Convention & Visitors Bureau — Oxnard Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) is a non-profit organization designed to increase visitor expenditures, and tourism revenue opportunities through the promotion of Oxnard as a premier travel destination. Oxnard is an easy drive up the coast from Los Angeles or from the northern portions of California. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy Oxnard’s uncrowded beaches, explore the many diverse attractions and outdoor adventures that are unique to the area. A wide variety of hotel accommodations are available ranging from mid-priced rooms to oceanfront and seaside settings. For more information, call the California Welcome Center at 805-988- 0717. To learn more about what Oxnard has to offer to visitors, visit the website at www.visitoxnard.com.

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