2020 Holiday Gift Guide Part V: California Love

Graphic with leaves and berries plus text saying 2020 Holiday Gift Guide, Part V: California Love

Staying close to home for so much of the year has inspired a new level of appreciation for our home state. Why not show your friends and family some California love with these delightful Golden State-themed gifts?

(Prices are subject to change. Order a.s.a.p. if you need gifts to arrive before Christmas Day!)

A grey hoodie with an illustration of a whale, butterfly, bear and other California-themed wildlife, part of our gift guide for 2020

California Hoodie – $45

By UntidyVenus via Teepublic.com

The California Hoodie features a lovely illustration by Izzy Fischer, the Richmond, California-based illustrator behind UntidyVenus (available via teepublic.com). Her watercolor design brings together the official California state marine mammal, bird, animal, fresh water and marine fish, insect, flower and reptile. It’s available in eight colors and classic, lightweight and zip-style hoodies. The same design is also available on T-shirts in dozens of colors.

California Poppy print by artist Andie Thrams, a pick for our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide Part 5: California Love

“California Poppy” Print – $25

By Sierra Nature Prints via Etsy.com

A classic botanical illustration of the symbolic California poppy makes a wonderful holiday gift, especially if you add a nice frame before wrapping it. This “California Poppy” print from Sierra Nature Prints (via etsy.com) measures 11” by 24.75”. It’s the work of Andie Thrams, an artist based in the Sierra Nevada who focuses on wildflowers and the natural world of the west.

A spiral-bound notebook in dark blue with an illustration of a quail and poppies on the front, a pick for the gift guide.

Poppy Quail Eden Blue Spiral Notebook – $25

By California Limited

A charming illustration of the official California state bird and flower features on the glossy front and back covers of the Poppy Quail Eden Blue Spiral Notebook from California Limited. Notebook afficionados (we all know one) will appreciate its 5” by 7” sturdy design with rounded corners, 75 lined leaves of paper and coiled binding that allows the notebook to lay completely flat. It’s available in pink and white versions too.

The box for the Charley Harper California Desert Mountains puzzle with an illustration and text, a gift guide pick for the holidays

The California Desert Mountains Puzzle – $19.95

By Mr. Puzzle Head

The celebrated late artist Charley Harper turned his attention to the flora and fauna of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument to create this illustration in his signature geometric style. The work of art has been transformed into The California Desert Mountains puzzle, which contains 1,000 pieces and is available through Mr. Puzzle Head.

The front cover of The California Field Atlas by Obi Kaufmann with illustrations of an eagle and coyote eyes, a pick for the 2020 holiday gift guide

The California Field Atlas – $45

By Obi Kaufmann

A gorgeous gift for anyone who loves the great outdoors, The California Field Atlas by Obi Kaufmann is a unique treasure of a tome. Inside are 300 full-color hand-drawn maps and illustrations accompanied by a deep exploration of the complex, interconnected systems of living forces that comprise California. Ecology and art, geology and philosophy come together in this multi-award-winning love letter to the state from Oakland-based painter, poet and adventurer Obi Kaufmann.

Cylindrical packaging with text and illustrations for the giant sequoia genuine tree seed germination kit, part of the 2020 holiday gift guide part 5: California love

Coast Redwood Tree Seed Grow Kit – $10.99

By The Jonsteen Company via Etsy.com

For a patient, green-thumbed friend or family member, give the gift of the world’s tallest tree! California’s most famous tall tree, the coast redwood, can live for thousands of years and grow to more than 300 feet, but they all start out as a tiny seed. This tree seed grow kit from the McKinleyville, California-based Jonsteen Company (via etsy.com) is 100% guaranteed to grow. It includes seeds, a growing medium, mini-greenhouse and illustrated instructions.

A shiny stainless steel travel mug wrapped with an image depicting palm trees against a white background, a pick for the 2020 gift guide

Sunny Cali Palm Trees Travel Mug – $29

By Sisi and Seb via Society6.com

What could be more emblematic of California than palm trees set against a sunny, cloudless sky? The minimalist design of the Sunny Cali Palm Trees Travel Mug wraps all the way around the lightweight stainless steel, double-walled vessel. It holds 20 ounces, has a vacuum-sealed lid and is engineered to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours while on the go.

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