2024 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Valentine’s Day is coming soon, meaning all the lovers of the world are assigned a mandatory gift-buying quest. Whether you’re long-betrothed, all loved-up, keeping-it-casual or just dipping your toes into the world of coupledom, consider yourself lucky to have such a task. After all, what better fortune is there than to have somebody to love? Embrace the lovey-dovey sentiments of the holiday and be sure to find a worthy gift for your sweetheart. Here are some suggestions…

(All prices, details and availability are subject to change.)

An aerogarden harvest slim model in a kitchen with green plants, a selection for the California News Press Valentine's Day gift guide 2024

Harvest Slim Aerogarden

$99.95 from aerogarden.com

Indoor gardening is a fun, rewarding hobby, and it’s easier to be successful with the innovation of AeroGarden. The Harvest Slim model accommodates up to six plants and promises five times faster growth compared to planting in soil. It features a 20W LED grow light for full-spectrum lighting, up to 12 inches of growth height and an illuminated control panel with care indicators. It’s available in four colors: black, white, pink or blue. 

Choose your seed pod kit – herbs, salad greens, flowers, tomatoes or “grow anything” – and simply add water and liquid nutrients as directed. Most plants germinate in 1 to 2 weeks and are ready to harvest within 6 weeks. You and your other half could be eating home-grown salad by April.

A fabric pouch with a printed flower bouquet on a white background, a selection for the California News Press Valentine's Day gift guide 2024

Personal Bouquet of Blooms Carry-All Pouch

From $15.75 by pamelifritzartwork at Society6.com

A big bouquet of flowers is a lovely Valentine’s gift, but unlike these bloom-bedecked fabric pouches, they don’t last long. Gift your honey a set of three – small, medium and large – pouches, or choose an appropriate size to pair with a set of pens, colored pencils, paint brushes, makeup or any other gift-worthy items they would love. 

An octopus stand holding a clear class orb being filled with bioluminescent water from a pouch, a selection for the California News Press Valentine's Day gift guide 2024

Bioluminescent Octopus Orb

$46-$99 from Uncommongoods.com

Your life partner needs a bioluminescent octopus orb. Who doesn’t need a bioluminescent octopus orb? If you give a bioluminescent octopus orb this Valentine’s Day and it’s poorly received, your relationship is probably over and that’s for the best.

This magical gift comprises a crystal ball, an octopus stand for said crystal ball, and a pouch of California seawater containing dinoflagellates, a type of marine algae that naturally glows blue. Add the enchanted water to the ball, leave it undisturbed in a lit area and after dark give it a gentle shake. The complete kit includes nutrient water that will keep those dinoflagellates glowing for up to 6 months. 

A gold colored anatomical heart pendant on a necklace against a gray background, a selection for the California News Press Valentine's Day gift guide 2024

Anatomical Heart Necklace

$24.99 from Boutiqueacademia.com

If your partner would consider a typical Valentine’s Day heart necklace to be a little cheesy, consider a much-cooler alternative. This anatomical heart necklace carries the same sweet sentiments of a shiny red heart doodle, but with the added sophistication of science. Choose a gold- or silver-colored non-tarnishing steel pendant (approximately 1 inch from top to button) on a gold-plated or sterling silver chain. 

A black spiralbound notebook reading Rocketbook with a pen and cloth, a selection for the California News Press Valentine's Day gift guide 2024

Rocketbook Core Reusable Smart Notebook

$19.97 from Amazon.com

Does your other half need to modernize their notebook game? Give them a gift of this inexpensive yet innovative, positively reviewed Rocketbook Core reusable smart notebook. It features 36 dot-grid pages, a pen, cloth and app integration. Use the notebook as if it were a regular pen and paper, scan the notes to the free app, then wipe the pages clear with water. The notebook is reusable indefinitely, and the app lets you save, search, organize and share notes. 

A round copper herb stripper with holes and thyme sprigs on a wood surface, a selection for the California News Press Valentine's Day gift guide 2024

Hand-Hammered Copper Herb Leaf Stripper

$39.97 from EPThompson at Etsy.com

For avid cooks and fans of aesthetically pleasing handmade wares, gift this hammered copper herb leaf stripper. These items are made by hand in Los Angeles from reclaimed, thick-gauge copper sheets. The copper is unfinished and develops a natural patina over time. Each one is a unique shape. Seven holes of different sizes let you easily strip the leaves from fresh produce ranging from sturdy kale stems to sprigs of rosemary and thyme. The hand-hammered bowl shape collects the stripped-away leaves. 

A leather cover containing colored pencils and a sketchbook open to a drawing of a woman's face, a selection for the California News Press Valentine's Day gift guide 2024

Handmade Leather Sketchbook Cover

$39.49+ from DiscountLeatherShop on Etsy.com

This 100% handmade, 100% genuine leather sketchbook cover is available in brown, chestnut, gray or burgundy with optional personalization. It has spaces to hold up to 18 pencils and any sketchbook or notebook up to 5.5 by 8.5 inches. There’s also a button pocket on the left for miscellaneous items and a tab closure to keep your art supplies secure. This item ships from California so there’s time to get one for your artistic sweetheart before Valentine’s Day. 

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