A Historical Glimpse on the Centennial of Wilsonian Armenia

Official Presidential portrait of Woodrow Wilson, 1913 Frank Graham Cootes / Public domain


By Rachel Melikian

A landmarked historical map carrying the Great Seal of the United States of America, affixed with the signature of the U.S. President, is 100 years old as of November 22, 2020. It was created under the Treaty of Sèvres, signed on August 10, 1920. President Woodrow Wilson arbitrated the borders of Armenia in the Treaty of Sèvres of the Paris Peace Conference after World War I. Today, Armenia, a blockaded and landlocked country, surrounded 83 percent by hostile enemies, is only 29,743 sq. km (11,484 sq. mi). In contrast, Wilsonian Armenia is at least 160,000 sq. km, with access to the Black Sea. Whereas historical Armenia extended from sea to sea, from the Caspian Sea and Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, including Cilicia of the Armenian Kingdom. Wilson left a treasured historical legacy behind to carry its legal international intrastate weight in the future for the world leaders to bring it to life on the geopolitical maps for Armenia to survive. This is the wisdom of Woodrow Wilson. In honor of President Woodrow Wilson, we call it Wilsonian Armenia. We appeal to world leaders to celebrate its centennial anniversary with great fanfare and bring it to their diplomatic tables.

Today’s Politics Without Peace

Global politics has NO right to sign Armenia off from the face of this Earth per the order of the enemy. Having done so, they do not believe in democracy, human rights, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They only believe in dictatorship over civilization. We cannot allow them to preach a guided “democracy” over Armenia and force us to forget our history and remove any mention of Armenians, to further their globalization agenda. For every utterance of the word “democracy,” bloodshed is followed around the world. No one forgets history because “history repeats itself.” Yes, Armenia’s Velvet Revolution in 2018 was bloodless and peaceful because Armenians are a peace-loving nation.

We do have a demand only for justice! Before the world proceeds shaking bloody hands with the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide, we have high demand over our ancestral lands. Not only does the world disregard our claim, but they have put extreme pressure on Armenia to give our lands to the enemy, to give the lands we have under our feet, through which we breathe and live, and forcE us to wipe our historical memories. A man without a memory is like an animal or a zombie. Armenians have a vast rich history, culture, and civilization.

We Remember – We Demand!

Do the world leaders want to continue the extermination of Armenians? Let them globally announce their true intention towards us. Let the world, the US, UK, UN, EU, Russia, and the Vatican remember that if they allow anyone to destroy Armenia, enact open neighborhood “democracy” to advance globalization policies, and grant our lands to the enemy – to build the Tower of Babel – those lands will not be under the shadow of Armenians for their own soul and lives to be protected.

Turkey continues to fool the world as well as Azerbaijan with territorial concessions of our sacred sovereign land of Artsakh Republic – mountainous Nagorno Karabakh and inquiring for allies and the opening of borders of Armenia. On top, the constant threats issued by both Turkey and Azerbaijan along with their newly published illegitimate fake “maps” reveal that their evil eyes are on Armenia also. Shame on world politics and global affairs, a thousand shames, for being fooled and allowing such heinous political and historical crimes. When did the recent massive Four-Day War aggression against Artsakh occur? On April 1, 2016. When did the recent massive aggression against Armenia occur? On July 12, 2020. What is still happening in Syria today? Let us remember Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and let them remember Lebanon too…

Did any peace happen after the Syrian government gave concessions on their lands Sanjak Iskenderun (Alexandretta) and Antakya (Antioch)? Those were commandeered under their protection by the Allied Powers. Why Syria was not able to claim its territorial lands from Turkey instead had to give away her own? Was there any peace after Syria became friends with Turkey and opened its borders? Look it’s like a WW III. Would this be ended? No! – never? Only when Turkey brings everybody under his control and becomes the sole ruler of a global ruler of the future globalized world?

Our Past Predicts Our Future

We must be ready, prepared, and awake. We know the past and we can predict the future. We must pray. We must ring Armenian Church bells and invite the world to pray with us. We must be brave and surround our soldiers with angels of divine guidance to drive the enemy and the global politics from sacred Armenian lands. Let us fight for the defense of Artsakh and Armenia and let us raise our voices to the world!

If the world does not act now, they will be next. Let them bow before God and repent for the grave historical error in 1915-1923 of the Armenian Genocide and then allowing Turkey to nuke the Treaty of Sèvres of the Paris Peace Conference and desecrate the legacy of the U.S. President Woodrow Wilson of Wilsonian Armenia, and more gravely allowing Turkey to desecrate the holy sound of St. Hagia Sophia Cathedral of the Byzantine Empire only weeks before the centennial celebration of the Treaty of Sèvres. It is time for world powers to correct those historical mistakes before it is too late and before they join the fallen martyrs.

Special Territories Require Special Protection

Armenia is the land of Noah’s Ark, the Garden of Eden, the cradle of civilization and mankind, and the savior of civilization. Special territories such as Armenia and Artsakh require special protection from world globalized politics. We are the first Christian nation and peace will only rise from Armenia. Because Armenia is the land of Sun of Justice! Do not allow the devil’s accessory to approach to our Christian nation.

Holy Pope Francis I along with His Holiness Catholicos Karekin II (Armenia’s Pope) released two-peace doves towards Mt. Ararat – where Noah’s Ark landed after the Great Flood – during the three-day historical pilgrimage to Armenia, Sunday, June 26, 2016, from the Khor Virap Monastery in the foothills of Mt. Ararat. And we await the white doves’ return for peace which only arises when Mt. Ararat, Artsakh, Nakhichevan, Cilicia, and our 12 lost provinces unite with Mother Armenia.

Let the world find peace in Armenian churches and help end the destruction of Armenian churches and Khachkars (cross woven stones).

Prayers can bring miracles. Without Armenia and Artsakh, there will never be peace on Earth and the two peace doves will never return. Without Artsakh there is no Armenia, without the president there is no Armenia, without Armenia there is no Diaspora. Without Diaspora, Armenians’ future survival is a question. Wilsonian Armenia is the answer.

The Evils of 2020

It seems like many evils have been happening on the centenary of Wilsonian Armenia starting from the pandemic COVD-19 that has infected 19 million people worldwide, to the massive war attack on Tavush, Armenia, followed by the desecration of Hagia Sophia, and then to the massive explosion of Beirut’s port in Lebanon leaving 300,000 people homeless.

Of course, when the perpetrators do not get caught, do not get punished. Condemnation is cheap. When justice is forgotten evil rules.

The Armenian Air forces successfully rebuffed the $30 million Elbit Hermes 900 drone and the advance of the elite enemy forces, thus becoming the first-ever in military history to shut down UMV of such massive caliber. And – Mother Armenia survived!

However, this angered the enemy. The threat of Azerbaijan backed by Turkey must alarm the world like a non-stop siren for threatening to launch missile attacks on Metsamor Nuclear-Power-Plant in Armenia. If a nuclear plant gets bombed then the whole world blows up…

Future miracles, let the peace doves return to Armenia!

Greater Armenia is the sole guarantor for peace! Through prayer, God will bring miracles upon our nation, and with divine providence, He will seal His will and extend His hand to our nation. Let angels surround us to bring victory to our nation. Let the world leaders resume their diplomatic conferences of Wilsonian Armenia to honor the centennial legacy of President Woodrow Wilson’s Arbitral Award. The honor is to the historical Big Four, the victorious countries, and now to the UNSC (United Nations). The Great Seal of the United States of America designates the rule of the land, is for Wilsonian Armenia.

Rachel Melikian is the former GCC Woman of the Year

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