Artsakh is Under Siege

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Could everyone please help the people of Artsakh on the New Year? 

OPINION: By Rachel Melikian

An entire Republic does not celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, or Santa Claus or give gifts to children this year, and the future of the nation is uncertain because it is surrounded, running out of food and water, and the rest of the world is silent. How do you see the Republic of Artsakh’s whole population, together with 40,000 children, ringing in the New Year in 2023 as you countdown to midnight?

In the movie Home Alone, a child is unintentionally left alone at Christmas by his parents. Still, when the child protests with the sign “Let Me Go Home” in real life at Christmas and New Year’s, it conveys a complete disregard for the loss of the children’s homeland and the opportunity to be with their parents. 

Red Cross and other organizations are unable to provide food, water, or medical supplies to the besieged nation of Artsakh.

Since the forcible capitulation on 11/9/20, aka “Armenia’s 9/11,” the enemy has controlled the border with Iran, and more than 85% of the country has been occupied. Since December 12, 2022, when you start counting the 12 days of Christmas, the enemy has been trespassing, obstructing the Russian peacekeepers, and blocking the only humanitarian corridor for aid connecting Artsakh (also known as Nagorno Karabakh) to Armenia. 

Only eight seriously ill patients could be transported by the Red Cross to the hospital in Yerevan, the Armenian capital, after 19 days of the blockade in the Republic of Artsakh. However, the route is still blocked, preventing food or other necessities from being delivered to Artsakh.

Please utilize social media to make your voice heard and persuade the world and the United Nations to put a stop to the 21st-century genocide in order to ensure that Artsakh can welcome the New Year in peace and that the children receive their gifts of life. 

Think about Artsakh running out of food and water when the world rang the New Year in 2023 at midnight. Stop stealing land! The genocide must end! Please pay attention to the cries; children are starving; please send Christmas and New Year’s gifts to Artsakh. The Armenian holiday falls on January 6.

We recall that Herod the Great committed the Innocent Massacre of 2,000 children more than 2,000 years ago in order to prevent the birth of Jesus. Armenia, the first Christian nation, has endured the same suffering for millennia. The question then becomes: Can the world exist without being aware of the truth? Human rights — where are they? Genocide Watch is where? Over 12,000 Armenian soldiers ages 18-20 have been massacred since the 2020 War on Artsakh. Please stop the gold mine theft of Artsakh and its mineral and water resources and rescue lives.

Please help the Republic of Artsakh remain on the geopolitical map by using your worldwide contacts, lobbying groups, and legal firms, dear American friends. Please make a donation of any kind and contribute in any way you can! Please spread the word to your family and friends!

Rachel Melikian is a former Glendale Community College Woman of the Year

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