At REAL BODIES at Bally’s, Get to Know Your Body Inside and Out

By Ariel Johns

We know the human body is an intricate machine made up of complex systems working together. Have you ever wondered what those systems look like? Bally’s Las Vegas and Imagine Exhibitions invites you to experience REAL BODIES at Bally’s where you can catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the body through the use of real human specimens.

The 11 galleries feature bodies from China that have been preserved through the process of plastination, also known as polymer preservation. Liquid silicon rubber is used to prevent the natural process of decay. The bodies are then dissected and prepped for viewing. Be prepared to stare in amazement and wonder at the body, inside and out.

For $26.50, enter the one-of-a-kind exhibit that examines how we breathe, walk, talk, eat and love. Through well-cultivated art installations by local Las Vegas artists, the bodies come alive to visually portray the life cycle from your first breath to your last. As is written on a display, “To breathe, to live. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.” If you are not breathing, you are not living.

Travel writer Ariel Johns addresses one of the body exhibits at REAL BODIES at Bally’s.

I particularly enjoyed the breath and motion galleries. The bodies are positioned like modern day athletes posing with different sporting equipment. Witness a tennis player serving the ball, and a pitcher preparing to launch the baseball. A basketball player shoots a layup, a football running back runs towards the end zone, and a track and field athlete winds up to throw the discus. You gain an appreciation for all that our bodies can do. The muscles and ligaments of each athlete are on full display, granting a better understanding of how the different systems work together to make our bodies move.

The digestive tract is also presented. Compare your stomach to that of an animal’s. See just how long your intestinal tract really is. Follow along as your food enters your mouth and works its way through your body before being expunged.

Doctors preach that smoking kills, but have you actually seen the lungs of a smoker? I have. Along the REAL BODIES journey, you see a healthy set of lungs versus a polluted pair. See your body through the eyes of your doctor. Understand what your bones look like and understand the miracle of how fractures and major breaks heal and repair themselves.

REAL BODIES at Bally’s is an educational, enlightening 45-minute experience that answers the question, “What does it mean to be human?” With the help of preserved dissected human bodies and body parts, REAL BODIES at Bally’s “reveals the deep synergy between breathing, hunger, the rhythm of the heart, love, motion, and thought.” It reminds us that after we strip away race, skin color and sex, we are all human with the same anatomical makeup. This exhibit allows you to look deep within yourself and “Feel an emotional and spiritual connection to your own body, as well as humanity as a species.” 


Bally’s Las Vegas

3645 Las Vegas Blvd S, Lower Level, Suite A1-A3, Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 777-2782



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