Copernicus Satellites vs. Grandma’s Prayers: Atonement before Peace

By Rachel Melikian

Science cannot stop wars to bring peace. It cannot extinguish a deadly wildfire when it’s out of control. Moreover, it cannot stop famine or drought from gaining abundance, nor can it fight against tsunamis and earthquakes to prevent disasters. Science can neither bring justice nor wipe out people’s sins nor buy health or happiness. Grandma of Armenia’s prayers overthrow all sins from her house, filled with her love, and extinguish the heat of hell’s fire. 

Copernicus satellites measure the damage of fires, how many acres of forests have fallen victims to the fires, heatwaves, and how many gigawatts the heatwaves of the fire raise.

Coronavirus measures the number of deaths caused by COVID-19 virus outbreaks and its many variants, such as Delta and Omicron.

Only if science could measure the Grandma of Armenia’s prayers’ impacts as it throws everything out of the window as outdated, updates with new technology and climate change science. Only if people who claim they believe in science ask Grandma of Armenia to pray for them to have peace of mind and more health. In her prayers, there are no victims but love and God’s mercy.

According to climate change scientists, rising temperatures and shortage in rainfall are caused by man’s activities that change the climate and weather, which can cause historical heat waves. But Grandma of Armenia shrugs her shoulders and raises her prayers to the heavens for downpouring rain. Her prayers always get answered according to the mercy of God. Since computer models predict how extreme the weather would fluctuate, scientists believe that we cannot fight fires anymore caused by climate change with primitive tools and pouring a bucket of water as once upon a time. The firefighters would not be capable of bringing the fires under control. Collecting satellite data is necessary to combat wildfires in the climate change era. 

“Once upon a time …” Grandma of Armenia tells her stories to let the world know how things were and could still be, and she continues her prayers for the world to wake up to have love, peace, and abundance. God hears the number of prayers that Grandma of Armenia raises to the heavens, and He brings His miracles to this earth.

Atonement before Peace

Prayer atones sins;

Law punishes crimes;

But only God forgives the sins.

A man lives his life,

Yet he cannot atone, 

Nor he can be forgiven,

If he does not pray. 

He then carries the burden of law; 

Where he will not have the mercy of God.

The matter of his life relies on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Without Grandma of Armenia’s prayers,

Earth will fall into Hell.

The heart cannot love without her prayer. 

Grandma of Armenia begs God to forgive man,

As man has no direction.

Grandma’s prayer asks God to atone for the world’s wrongdoing.

It is her prayer that asks God to forgive man’s sins.

Her devotion allows the law to be more merciful to humanity.

Her prayer will enable Man to live his life in peace.

Grandma of Armenia prays non-stop for there to be peace on this Earth.

Rachel Melikian is a former GCC Woman of the Year

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