How About Some Spring Greening to Energize Your Flower Power?

golden retriever in a white room with a fireplace and lots of green, leafy plants
(Photos courtesy of French Florist)

By Jon Bogart

Beautiful, fragrant, spirit-lifting… flowers make any occasion a special occasion. Flowers can convey a rainbow of emotions, from love to congratulations, appreciation to sympathy. They are the “centerpiece” of songs, from The Rose by Bette Midler to Sunflower by Lenny Kravitz. Their benefits are universal, and their meaningfulness for all seasons. Likewise, plants add lushness to indoor and outdoor environments. Whether you prefer ferns or philodendrons, plants enhance both home and workplaces.

Spring is a season for renewal and new beginnings. As we proceed through these challenging times, the moments are getting closer to start up celebrations, to reignite romance, to renew vows and to make new ones as well.

view from above of a vase full of multicolored roses in bloom

Flowers and plants can serve as an antidote to our fast-paced, stress-filled, tech-focused society. They are an environmental approach to positive emotions, mood enhancement, relaxation, and stress reduction. Bringing the blooms of nature into your space increases energy levels, bolsters relationships, and even strengthens sex appeal. Floral arrangements add character and a natural vibrancy that captures the tone and the significance of magical moments in time. This might be a surprise for that special someone, or adding beauty to large or small gatherings.

Emerging from a lengthy pandemic, businesses are seeking to redesign the workplace environment. It’s only natural that green plants become essential additions to any workspace. Some actually clean the air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and providing oxygen. Studies have shown that indoor plants help improve mental health, boost the immune system, and enhance productivity, concentration, memory and creativity.

A hand reaches out to hold a square basket full of flower blooms

Social distancing is going to be standard practice for the foreseeable future, so it’s best to find a local flower and plant delivery service. My personal favorite here in Los Angeles is French Florist, which always provides the freshest of flowers and a reputable, dependable service. The flower delivery company, in business since 1978, has been voted “Best Florist in Los Angeles” by LA Weekly. Thanks to the availability of flowers, you can recharge your spirit and share in some optimism.

Do you have a preferred local florist that offers home delivery? Let us know in the comments below!

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