This Best-in-Show Ginger Elixir Will Awaken Your Taste Buds

rows of green ginger plants stretch to the horizon at the Elixir G ginger plantation in Hawaii
The Elixir G ginger plantation in Hawaii (Photo courtesy of Bill Tocantins)

Introducing an award-winning ginger-extract cocktail mix that’s delicious in cocktails, mocktails, many tasty dishes and desserts

By Jon Bogart

The changing landscape of the dining and drinking experience that characterizes life in 2020 has people searching for something different to drink. Perhaps even a magical potion to add some spice to their lives – and kick the daily routine into high gear. I have discovered a special elixir that refreshes the spirit, adds some sweetness, and spices up these “work-at-home” days and “stay-at-home” nights.

Elixir G is a ginger extract cocktail mix with delicious uses beyond just cocktails. It’s simply ginger extract, a superfood with anti-inflammatory properties, mixed with pure cane sugar and lemon. The signature creation with Elixir G is the Gingerita, which blends together the elixir with tequila, sour mix and ice, plus a garnish of fresh lime. It’s smooth and satisfying, spicy and sweet, as well as pure and natural.

a black glass bottle of Elixir G ginger extract cocktail mix

I’m not the only one to love this drink! Elixir G won “Best in Show” at the West Coast Food and Beverage Expo, and the Gingerita snagged “Best New Beverage.” In 2020, Elixir G also won the Gold Medal at the L.A. Spirits Awards.

Elixir G’s quality comes down to the dedication of Bill Tocantins, the founder of the company. Tocantins recognized the benefits and versatility of ginger, as well as its superfood attributes. He traveled the globe, checking out ginger plantations in Thailand, India, Brazil and other countries before finally finding what he was looking for in Hawaii. Here, Bill established his ginger plantation and began an enterprise inspired by the world’s most exclusive spirits. He uses only the finest ginger, with caretakers constantly nurturing the crop to ensure perfection. At harvest each piece is hand-pulled, washed, weighed, and subject to intense scrutiny. They add only pure and natural lemon juice and sugar to the ginger, with no preservatives, chemicals or dyes.

I have been experimenting with Elixir G as both at-home bartender and chef, adding it to cocktails and gourmet creations alike. It pairs beautifully with virtually all spirits, especially vodka, rum, bourbon and tequila, and makes fabulous non-alcoholic mocktails too. Put a gingery twist on the classics: ginger martini… sure. Ginger Manhattan… check. Ginger mule… absolutely. Ginger cosmo… you got it. And of course, the signature Gingerita… ole! Elixir G can also be a key ingredient in favorite dishes such as stir-fry ginger shrimp, ginger salads, and even desserts. Try drizzling it on ice cream, or adding half an ounce to your green tea.

Elixir G is available at Bristol Farms, Wine House, John & Pete’s Liquors and Hi Time Wine in Costa Mesa. Check out for more information.

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