Whodunit? The Culprit is Hiding Among You…

By Ariel Johns

What is it about murder mysteries that have us so intrigued? Is it solving the crime? Do we love meeting an eccentric group of characters? Or, do we secretly hope the killer gets away with it? For me, I love to follow the clues along with the detectives and attempt to solve the crime before they can. Does this happen often – where I am smarter than some of fiction’s most notable sleuths? Well no, BUT playing along with them sure is fun.

The Dinner Detective is an interactive murder mystery dining experience that beautifully captures our love of the murder mystery genre. The catch, “The culprit is hiding among you, and it’s your job to figure out whodunit.”

Hailed as the largest interactive comedy murder mystery act, The Dinner Detective provides a comedic take on the typical whodunit show. With two locations in the Los Angeles area: The Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Burbank and the legendary Queen Mary in Long Beach, the Dinner Detective makes for a nice change from the typical dinner and a movie outing.


The night begins with each dinner guest entering the dining room wearing a name tag with an alias of their choosing. The hosts encourage you to have fun with this and be creative. My alias for the evening – Angela Lansbury.

As you begin to dine while socializing with the other attendees, you are introduced to the detectives who will be working with you to solve the crime – cue comedy gold. I was expecting to chuckle, maybe crack a little smile, but I was not ready to laugh aloud like a hyena. The hilarious detectives are smart actors armed with impeccable improv skills, much in the same vein as The Naked Gun movies or the TV show Brooklyn 99.

As the night goes on, you will meet the rest of the cast. Be prepared to laugh as you listen to the events of the murder unfold. Since this is an individual game with a clear winner at the end, make sure to follow the clues and remember, EVERYONE’S a suspect. The killer is seated among you. They may smile in your face but they want nothing more than to solve the crime before you. Is it Nancy Drew seated at your table? Maybe it’s Matlock nervously looking around as he exits for the “restroom.” Or is it John Doe frantically nibbling on his thumb from across the room?

The hosts encourage each guest to have fun, open your mind and let your inner Encyclopedia Brown run free. So was it Col. Mustard in the library with the candlestick? Grab your notepad and magnifying glass and be ready to follow the clues to find out.

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Food, fun and travel are three things that Ariel Johns is highly passionate about. She is an actress/talk show host who is always on the move,discovering all the hidden gems that our world  has to offer. This self-proclaimed nerd is a lover of horror/sci-fi/action movies, and the Philadelphia Eagles. You can usually find her on a roller coaster taking full advantage of her Six Flags Season Pass. Find her on Twitter (arielsfriend), Instagram (Arielsfriends) and at arielsfriends.com

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