2020 Holiday Gift Guide, Part II: Creative Kits

2020 Holiday Gift Guide, Part II: Creative Kits graphic and text

Do you have a few creative types to buy for this holiday season? We think that one of these kits might just be the perfect gift. Whether it’s a new craft you think they might enjoy or an activity that complements one of their long-time interests, these kits give your loved one the satisfaction of completing a fun, creative project from start to finish. Plus, the pandemic is likely to keep us stuck at home well into next year. Some novel stay-at-home activities could be just what your friends and family need.

(Note: Prices are subject to change. Shipping fees not included. Items might be available from other stores.)

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Miniature Dollhouse Kits

These miniature dollhouse kits are so very charming. The kits are akin to three-dimensional puzzles, and include all the tools and supplies you need to assemble the houses, furniture and accessories. Pictured is “Sam’s Study” filled with books, art and vintage furnishings. It’s one of two dozen dollhouse designs. Others include coffee and flower shops, cozy loft apartments, a country kitchen, flower-filled greenhouse and more.

$26.99-$39.99 from Groupon

Radio Boom Box Kit 

radio boombox gift kit for 2020 holiday gift guide

The Klutz Radio Boombox kit includes all the necessary electrical components to built a working FM radio with a magnetic speaker, antenna, and tuning and volume buttons. It also includes a full instruction book packed with science and engineering lessons. This kit is designed for kids 8 and up, but with its retro chipboard casing we think it appeals just as much to grown-ups who actually remember when boomboxes were all the rage. It would make a really nice parent-and-kid activity too.

$24.99 from The Scholastic Store

Needle Felting Hedgehog Kit


needle felting hedgehog kit for 2020 gift guide creative kits

This kit includes everything you need to make this adorable hedgehog from scratch. Expect full step-by-step illustrated instructions plus 100% wool roving, a felting needle and felting mat. The needle is sharp, so this is best suited to adults and responsible teens. Other cute options in this line of needle felting kits include a penguin, llama, fox and flamingo.

$10.99 from Michael’s (so you can use a coupon!)

Fermented Hot Sauce Kit

fermented hot sauce kit for 2020 holiday gift guide, creative kits

Fermented foods are all the rage right now, and you probably know a foodie who would love to make their own. This fermented hot sauce kit, which can also be used for pickling, kraut and other fermented vegetables, includes a half-gallon fermentation jar, airlock lid, ceramic fermentation weights, Celtic sea salt and a recipe card. Fresh hot peppers are not included, so maybe throw some in a gift bag to go with the kit.

$39.99 from Cultures for Health

“Frida with Flowers” Paint-by-Number Kit

paint by numbers Frida for 2020 gift guide, creative kits

Invite your creative loved one to pay homage to the legendary Mexican artist and feminist hero with this paint-by-numbers kit. It comes with a pre-printed background with a folk-art design behind Frida with roses in her hair. The craft calls for some degree of artistry, but it suitable for anyone who can wield a brush and follow the guidelines. The painting should take 3 to 5 hours, after which it makes a cheerful piece of wall art. The kit includes a pre-printed canvas, eight acrylic paints, two paintbrushes and instructions. Other design options include RBG, Carmen Miranda and various botanicals.

$35 from Elle Crée

Build Your Own Motorized Carousel Kit

build your own carousel for 2020 gift guide, creative kits

This is very, very cool – a motorized carousel that turns around, lights up and plays music… after you build it from scratch. The complex kit includes more than 1,400 colorful metal pieces including nuts, bolts and gears, a music box and battery, and of course instructions. It’s best for patient types, ages 14 and up. The finished carousel has a turn handle for operation.

$39.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

Bison Skull Papercraft Sculpture

bison skull paper folding craft for 2020 holiday gift guide, creative kits

You must know somebody who would love to create and display this modern take on skulls-as-décor. The skull is created entirely by paper folding. It comes as a digital download (an excellent last-minute gift option), so put the files on a data stick and wrap it with the required craft papers for a full kit.

$10.47 from Studio66Designs on Etsy

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