Places to Play: Molokai Plumerias, Molokai, Hawaii

On the leeward side of Molokai, one of the smallest and most tranquil of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands, is the 10-acre Molokai Plumerias. The farm is dedicated to the beautiful, sweet-smelling plumeria flowers that are an icon of Hawaii, adorning many a souvenir-store trinket and a popular choice for flower leis.

The company ships fresh plumeria flowers, ready-made leis and cuttings to order, and also welcomes visitors to tour its orchards and try their hand at lei making.

Stroll the farm with a guide to learn about the plumeria trees and pick any blooms that catch your eye. It takes approximately 50 flowers to make one lei, so pluck away. They are mostly the recognizable white-with-yellow-hearts variety, but a whole range of gentle pinky and orangey pastel-hued blooms also feature on the farm.

After the tour, sit in the shade with your flowers, thread and arm-length lei needle to string your own custom garland during an informal guided workshop.


Molokai Plumerias
1342 Maunaloa Highway
PO Box 557
Kaunakakai, HI 96748

(808) 553-3391

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