The Four Unseen Pillars of Father’s Day

Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

By Rachel Melikian

Something can stand on three pillars, but a house needs four. In the home, the father represents all four pillars, without which the home would collapse. Fathers often work silently and without expectation of praise for their sacrifices. This is the work that sustains the pillars and goes unseen on the shoulders of the fathers. They are busy building the house to keep it warm, with love and happiness in the family.

The mother is the flower of the house, providing the perfume that we can enjoy. We can see, touch and smell the flower and perhaps we appreciate mother’s nurturing more as a result, but the world is standing on the unseen four pillars on the father’s shoulders. Without the father, who carries the house on his shoulders, the scent of the perfume dissipates.

Mothers get all the pampering and love because of the beautiful smell in the house.

Yet, it is because of the unseen labor of the father that the flower blooms to bring joy and nourishment to the family.

Fathers sometimes don’t get as much gratitude as mothers and we forget to celebrate them.

The gratitude comes from whoever sees him building the house, but they often don’t see how the house is standing on its four pillars.

What would be the ideal gift for the under-appreciated father on his day, Father’s Day?

Rachel Melikian is the former GCC Woman of the Year

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